Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blooms Taxonomy from the book Native Son

Bloom's Taxonomy ?'s -Analysis
1. What are some problems between Bigger and his
Some problems between Bigger and his mother are
Bigger's mom wants him to get a job, when he doesn't
want to. Also Bigger's mom treats him worse then his
brother or sister.

Bloom's Taxonomy ?'s -Application
2. What questions would you ask of Bigger Thomas, if
you had the chance to meet him?
If I had the to meet Bigger Thomas I would ask him:
Why did you try to rape Mary Dalton? & What caused you
so much pain to kill a women who was kind to you?

Bloom's Taxonomy ?'s -Comprehension
3. Who was the key character in the plan Bigger made
after killing Mary?
The key character in Bigger's plan was Jan. Bigger was
planning to frame Jan for Mary's murder.

Bloom's Taxonomy ?'s -Knowledge
4. Describe what happened at the pool house between
Bigger and Gus the second time.
Bigger and Gus got into a fight. Bigger threatened Gus
by putting a knife to his neck. They fought because
Bigger was afraid of robbing Old Blum.

Bloom's Taxonomy ?'s -Evaluation
5. How would you feel if you were in Bigger's
position, a young poor black boy killing a young rich
white women?
If I was in Bigger's position, a young poor black boy
having just killed a young rich white women, I would
have panicked and would most likely have turned myself

Bloom's Taxonomy ?'s -Synthesis
6. Why don't you devise your own way to deal with want
happened in Mary's room, right before Bigger killed
To deal with what happened in Mary's room I would have
told somewhat of the truth, like when Mrs. Dalton came
into the room I would have said "Ma'am, Miss Dalton is
drunk and she wasn't able to came up the stairs on her
own so I helped her to her room," and I would have
dealt with the repercussions.