Thursday, March 6, 2008

NHD reflection

My NHD project I did for this year’s topic, which was Conflict, and Compromise is Misogyny or Myth women in hip-hop. I also did something really surprising I worked with a partner I usually don’t work with anyone cause I am so use to working by my self but it actually turned out to be a good experience. Yes, we disagreed on some thing we had a couple clashes, but we always still got are work done in a way we both agreed on. While doing this project we did things we never imagine doing and meeting people, we never imagine meeting. We did things like interviewed classmates Juju, Christa, Amie, and teacher/Band member Mr. Todd and underground rapper Chief Honcho. In theses interviews we asked a verity of questions and one of the big ones was "what does hip-hop mean to you?" Over all are project was good and done to the best of are ability.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Native Son: Chapter 3 Summary

If only, if only....

Bigger and Gus were imagining what it would be like if they were able to fly an air plane. They imagine flying in the sky and escaping their troubles and fears. They soon realize that what they imagined is only a dream. They realize that they can't fly a plan because of the simple fact that they're black

Continous loop of murders

Murderer Bigger Thomas strikes again after viciously murdering heiress Mary Dalton.The body of a 19 yr old girl, named Bessie was found in an abandoned building. The building in which authorities believe was the hide out of fugitive Bigger Thomas. The medical examiner states that Bessie was hit multiple times in the head with a brick, which was also recovered at the scene of the crime. Bigger Thomas then recklessly tossed her down the air chute .The examiner also confirmed that the blunders to the head weren't the exact cause of death, instead 19 yr old Bessie froze to death. Evidence found at the bottom of the air chute shows that she made many attempts to escape. The medical examiner also states that prior to the struggle she was raped. Bigger Thomas is now in custody facing homicide charges as well as rape. Bigger Thomas is also suspected of murdering two other women during the summer and fall.

My reflection on Service Learning last year

My reflection on service learning last year was that it was fun I did touring at Mc Call Elementary School. While doing that i learned a lot from the kids and I hope they learned a lot from me but overall it was fun and exciting and I hope we do it again this year.

ideas for Service learning

1. Help people in homeless shelters get what they need.

2. Read books to children in schools.

3.Play & Recreation Programming for Children.


5.Help the Mentally challenge kids and or adults.