Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Fears of a teen
Getting good grades
Making it out of High School
Take school
Dealth in family
Peer presser
My friends getting me in to something im not suppose to do.
Things that crow

Not knowing how and when i am going to die.
How i would take care of the baby.
Gettin a job
No fun
No partys

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Math project

Monday, January 7, 2008


review of my project for nhd

My topic for NHD is Hip Hop and I am looking at the different roots of it and how it is degrading women in the words these hip hop artist are using in it .In my project I am also explaining the roots of hip hop and were it originated from The question I am asking is “Is hip hop the roots of all that is evil”. In my project I will try to interview may people from my parents to many different artist and people who have a lot of knowledge on hip hop.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Annotated bibilogrphy

Annotated bibilogrphy

1.Adaso, 25 Dec 2007. "Hip-Hop Timeline: 1925 - 2006." .

From this web site I learned different things that happen in hip hop from 1925-2006.This was talking about people like James brown he started soul ,Aretha Franklin who is known to be a rock steady singer, The Black Messengers they were a group the featured in The Gong Show which was for the Black Panthers. This also talks about what different and new hip hop artist came out like 50-cent ,jay-z,D-12,P.Diddy and many more

2.Gray, 25 Dec 2007. "My letter to hip hop." Bridget Gray. 2000. .

From this site I got my poem form for the women struggle part of the project. “I know in the beginning I was down to work my hips,but I was tricked. Seduced by your beat. You had me for three minutes and forty-six seconds I was suspended in time, but when I snapped out of it I had to ask "Did I hear what I thought I did in that last rhyme?" Now forgive me, maybe I'm getting old or maybe I'm just slow, but I didn't even know you could say "bitch" on the radio, yet I was entranced by your beat I heard somewhere before, oh, I remember that was the original score.” This part of the poem I like because It is saying that when she use to dance in theses videos she was just dancing to the beat not listing to what they are saying and calling her and all the other girls that were doing what she was doing.

3.Myron , Magnet. "In the Heart of Freedom, in Chains." The Manhattan Institute vol.17num.3summer of 07 1. 01-01-08 .

This is talking about the different races getting in to hip hop and how African American s are the main race in the hip hop game and how they are expressing there self in hip hop and the different elements.

4.Kaminski, Katie. "Hip hop." 1. 01.01.08 .
This web site is about Hip Hop’s culture evolved from years of street music and dance, most people know as Rap. It is a fusion of break beats and rap. The dance style also evolved from the street dance of break dancing, poping and locking and freestyle rap. The culture is the music, the dancing, the clothing and the explains what MCing, DJing, Graffiti Art, Break dancing, Rap Music, Slang

5 .Kaminski, Katie. "MCing." 2. 01.01.08 .

This web site explained how MCing is the art of rapping. MC stands for ‘master of ceremonies’, and that is exactly what MC’s were. Early rappers were simply there to host the party. In the early days of hip hop the DJ was the main attraction. Hip Hop started when DJ Kool Herc came to New York, from Jamaica in 1970.

6. Kaminski, Katie. "Graffiti." 2. 01.01.08

This web site is talking about how graffiti is a big part of hip hop culture, and though a sharpie scribbled on a subway wall may not be art, many of the ‘graf’ heads that practice graffiti are true artists.
Graffiti has been around for as long as humans can write. The word graffiti comes from the ancient Greek work “graphien”, meaning; to write.

7. KRS-"THE ONE", "Temple of hip hop." 2007 1. 01.01.08 .
This web site is talking about hip hop is every where like in facilities, archives and schools and how KRS1 had a album talking about hip hop and the real meaning of it and KRS ONEs new book talking about hip hop.

8. Maresca, Gino. "The next." The church 2007 1. 01.01.08 .

THIS WEB SITE IS TALKIN ABOUT HOW Hip Hop culture first began in a section of New York City called the Bronx in the 1970's. As a marginalized group, ghetto youth didn't have any formal way to express themselves. Hip Hop quickly became a popular genre throughout the United States.As Hip Hop grew in popularity around the world, its audience quickly became pioneers in their own communities.

9.Kitwana, Bakari. "The State of the Hip-Hop Generation: How Hip-Hop’s Cultural Movement is Evolving into Political Power." International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Vol. 51, No. 32004 1. 01.01.08 .

This wed site talks about In the short decade between 1985 and 1995, the dominant cultural movement of our time, hip-hop culture, has become, seemingly overnight, mainstream American popular culture. This centering of hip-hop art, most specifically rap music, in American popular culture has given young African Americans unprecedented national and international visibility.

10. Chang, jeff. Can't Stop Won't Stop : A History of the Hip Hop Generation . New York: Martin press, 2005.

This website explains how hip hop maybe destroying the society and how these different artist are degrading women and It also explains how hip hop started and where it came from and what it means I learned .


What if your teacher one day just sat the class down and there was a whole lesson on religion and how you should believe in God but at home you where taught not to believe in God. In my paper I will explain way religion should not be taught in school .

I believe in god but I do not think religion should not be taught in school because god is to be taught in church not in school. In school we should focus on the things that will benefit us in the future. If we cut out time in our school day to focus on religious belifes we will not have time to further our education.

The theory’s that we learn about in school I think are irrelevant to our education. When you think about it in the SAT we are tested on Math, Science, Reading and vocabulary and things of that nature, no where in the SAT are we being tested on religion. No, I do not think religion or any other beliefs should be taught of exocised in school we should only focus on our goals and that’s LEARNING.