Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Symbolism means the applied use of symbols: iconic representations that carry particular conventional meanings. In this book of mice and men all the main charters can symbol something and in this essay I will who and what they symbolize to.

First Candy. Candy has several terms of symbolism, for example his disability is a symbol of the migrant workers who are just literally forgotten about, they are forgotten when they are no use to the owners. Candy’s dog is a symbol of a life only for advantage to others Lennie also for shadows this, he is belittled of his mind but enormously commented for his strength. Also he is forced to lie about the fight he had with Curley, this is a symbol of typical male society in the, “Depression era”. Crook has many symbolical items, his disability is a symbol of his loneliness .Curley and Curley’s wife both represent evil both keep down and abuse the migrant workers. Curley especially harasses Lennie because of Lennie’s strength and how enormous he is. This is a symbol of cat and mouse.

In this essay I hope you learned as mush as I did from the following charters in the book such as Candy, Candys dog, Curley, Crook, Curley’s wife, Lennie .